The Strange Stories with the Multicolor Pony

Anton Casian
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Anton Casian
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In a magic land, Multicolor Pony found peace in the blue, white and fluffy clouds. But when Multicolor Pony meets his ancient enemy, Big Evil, peace is at stake. A magical war begins between good and evil, and it seems that Multicolor Pony is losing the war.

On this big blue planet there is a little girl with pink hair. She lives in a big house with many servants because her parents are rich people. The girl’s name is Beatrice. Well, like every morning she woke up cranky. She wanted that in every morning, not at night, someone to read a story with her favorite character Multicolor Pony. Since there was no family member home, only servants, Beatrice asks Bobby, the young gardener, to read a story that would make her happy. But Bobby refuses. He doesn't like stories, especially kids stories. Even so, Beatrice insists: „If you don't want to tell me a story, I will say to my father that you cut flowers and sold them to the neighbors.” Bobby's face turns red and accepts Beatrice’s proposal. He takes her in his arms and both go in the library.

Beatrice shows him which book to take. It's a golden hardcover edition with the title The Multicolor Pony and the Happy Land. Sitting on sofa, with Beatrice on his right leg, Bobby begins to read:

„A Long, long time ago, there was a Multicolor Pony. She loved to fly through the blue, white and fluffy clouds. As flying through the clouds and singing, a black body, hundreds times bigger than Multicolor Pony, with big hands, sharp nails and red eyes appeared and said „I'm Big Evil and I came to throw you into the volcano from the Center of the Earth!”

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Story Novel

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